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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural shift in the software development process that places the emphasis on collaboration, communication and transparency between Dev, QA, and Ops. DevOps takes the concepts learned in Agile software development and expands it through the software delivery and operations processes. It automates and integrates many of its components, while simultaneously expanding the space for potential innovation.


DevOps is a solution to a problem whose existence you may not even be aware of

In software development, there are three separate but equally important groups that, despite having the same goals, sometimes clash with each other -- Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations. Contrary to what would seem rational, these groups often treat each other not as collaborators, but as adversaries in the process of achieving their goal of innovative and functional software.

It is as if the three groups were dropped into the same row boat but given different directions about how to get to their destination. Despite their fates being intertwined, this feud persists, and this adversarial approach has become industry standard practice. Of course, there’s a difference between standard practices and best practices. Standard practices are what everyone does, while best practices can serve as a breakthrough...


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DEVOPS Blog Posts

  • Why DevOps is All About Teamwork, Not Tools

    Developers aren’t in touch with the business or the delivery process. QA doesn’t know what to test, how to test it, or where to test it. Operations isn’t sure how to deliver software and doesn’t know what’s coming. And all three treat each other as adversaries, when they should collaborate... Read More

  • 3 Things to Consider when Migrating to DevOps

    DevOps offers businesses the possibility to transform their processes and workflows for the better — but first they have to understand what they're getting themselves into. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon in the effort to catch up with your competitors, you need to understand exactly what such a migration entails... Read More

  • Eliminating Silos with DevOps

    Traditionally, organizations doing software development have adopted an approach of "divide and conquer." Developers, QA testers, IT administrators, managers, operations engineers—all of these people had their role to play and focused on doing that particular thing well... Read More

  • What are the Advantages of DevOps?

    Businesses with fundamental IT issues can attribute them to any number of underlying causes, from a lack of collaboration and communication to massive amounts of compounding technical debt. However, it's not always easy or possible for organizations to self-diagnose where... Read More

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