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How to Budget for IT


One of the biggest challenges for the IT department can be setting a budget that will meet but not overshoot your needs. Learning how to budget for IT can be a struggle for both IT and finance departments. Here are some helpful benchmarks and tech spending trends to assist in budgeting for tech and getting on the same page with your CFO.

Finding Purpose in your Company Culture


 “The secret to success is constancy to purpose,” said Benjamin Disareli, former Great Britain Prime Minister. Defining purpose for business or on a personal level sounds like a good plan to follow. So, what is purpose? When we talk about purpose, we’re not merely offering up a fancy buzzword. Purpose refers to the reason why we do what we do, every day. Digitization has changed the business landscape. Competition is as fierce as ever, yet purpose remains a differentiating factor.

Managing the Engagement Manager


While it might sound a bit redundant, it's an opportunity to determine what necessary tools and information to provide to the person charged with maintaining your critical business-to-business relationship with your software development partner. It behooves you to ensure that the Engagement Manager is set up to succeed so that you can secure current revenue streams, develop new opportunities with existing customers, and gain testimonials critical to winning new customers. To understand how to manage this important role, it is first crucial to understand the responsibilities, purpose and needs of an outstanding engagement manager.

Do You Really Need a Mobile App?


With the explosion of mobile apps in recent years, you may be wondering if your organization could potentially capitalize on this technological phenomenon. However, before you start hiring mobile app development teams and throwing thousands of dollars at an all-singing, all-dancing application, ask yourself, do you really need a mobile app?

Personal Connection and the Secret to Successful Software


Patrick Turner talks about how it is important to have a personal connection in software development.

The Importance of Standardization and Processes Inside Small Businesses


Your first startup: it all starts with an idea, a dream, a need. You put all your energy and passion into what you are trying to build, and the hard work begins to pay off. Before you know it, you hire employees and acquire more projects and clients. With all engines at full throttle, it may seem unnecessary or too time consuming to standardize your IT team processes. However, doing so positions you for the almost certain growth you’re about to experience and helps alleviate some of the stress that comes with it.

How to Know When to Replace a Legacy System


Like a long but dysfunctional relationship, or a beloved piece of furniture that’s now showing its age, it's tough to know when to let go of your legacy IT systems. At some stage, you'll reach a tipping point beyond which maintaining the system is costing you more than you get from it in return.

Is Redux Your Next Step for Front End Application State Management?


As we said before, user interfaces have become more complex and the need for an application to manage multiple simultaneous processes is increasingly important.

Interoperability and the Data Driven Difference


One of the things that we've seen at Small Footprint is companies that are capturing a lot of data but need help making sense of it.

MVC as a Tool to Solve Front End Application State Management


As user interfaces have become more complex the need for an application to manage multiple simultaneous processes is increasingly important.