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2018 in Review - Top 3 Blogs of the Year

2018 in Review - Top 3 Blogs of the Year

In 2018, all of us here at Small Footprint were focused on enabling our clients, partners, and colleagues with the content and tools to become more savvy in the ever-changing landscape of software development.

We published 53 original blogs with topics ranging from company culture in DevOps, to how roasting coffee beans relates to Agile software development, to creating your digital journey through Value-Driven Transformation.

In case you missed it, check out our top 3 most popular blogs from 2018:

Software Development or User Experience Design: What Do You Really Need?

Richard Starets shares how creating great custom software requires both software development and user experience design experts. You could create great software only to have customers fail to adopt it if it’s difficult to use or doesn’t solve your users’ problems. Read More

Cracking the Code - A Developer’s Guide to Their Dream Job

Imre Miko explores how changing your career doesn't have to mean changing your mindset (or even your employer). Just approach the process like a software developer and solve the problem as you would any new development project; almost the same rules apply. Read More

How Technical Should Product Owners Be in Agile Software Development?

Product owners need exposure to technical issues but not always advanced technical skills. Michael Goff describes the product owners’ role in Agile software development. Read More

As we prepare for 2019, you can bet that we’ll continue curating thought leadership, opinions and tips throughout next year related to our exciting industry. We hope you have a safe and happy start to 2019!

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