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2019 Triad Digital Technology Conference

2019 Triad Digital Technology Conference

We’re really excited to again be sponsoring the Triad Digital Technology Conference. This year the organizers (including our own Rob Robless) have rebranded from Triad Developers Conference to better represent the speakers and the audience who attends. It’s no longer just a conference for software engineers! Adding to the changes, we’ve become a part of Globant since last year’s conference, which is also going to be celebrated at the conference.

As usual, we have a few folks from our office presenting this year, including:

  • Steve and Emily from our UX team talking about why you’re approaching user research all wrong.

  • Richard will be leading a panel discussion on "What is a 'Digital Culture'?"

  • John, one our newest solution architects here in Winston, is talking about clean code and the case against unmaintainable code, a technical topic where non-techies will understand. 

  • Our product and Agile guru, Michael on "Creating Great Product/Digital Roadmaps for Your Agile Teams."

  • Solution Architect Brian helping navigate the tricky road of "Choosing the right technology with no regrets."

Perhaps most exciting for me to attend will be talks from a couple of our new colleagues from Globant:

  • Raleigh-based Tera talking about "What They Don’t Tell You About Being a Manager" (Whoa!)

  • Also from Raleigh, Cait and Trish are teaming up to share methods and tools for building alignment in your org.

  • Seattle-based Bill Bronske, resident Globant AI guru, is telling the story of "The AI Hero's Journey"

In addition to the talks from Globers, the organizers have put together some amazing talks from folks around the region, including:

  • Amy Harp from Reynolds American. Amy is well known for being a captivating speaker. At a recent community meeting I attended, mentioning her got a lot of folks making calendar entries.

  • There are a few artificial intelligence topics this year including Sachin Solkhan, a respected thought leader on AI, who will be talking about image classification using convolutional neural networks. (Yes, he’ll be telling us what means during his talk!)

  • We’ve all heard about Design Thinking a lot lately and Eric Ellis will talk about how the topic can disrupt your digital status quo.

  • Don’t worry if about missing software development topics. There’s still plenty of that including our friends from Coder Foundry talking about Blazor, the bleeding edge of .NET and Edson Yanaga from Red Hat, talking about advanced pipelines for hypothesis-driven development.

These are just a few of the great topics at this year's event. We heard the crowd is going to be the biggest yet and for sure there you’ll have to toss a coin during each time slot to determine which session you want to attend.  Oh, and don’t forget to scroll to the end of the schedule to see that Flywheel will again be sponsoring a reception, but this time you won’t have to get in your car because it’ll be right across the street at the new Incendiary Brewing in the renovated Bailey Power Plant. (Super cool!)

Hope to see you at the conference!

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