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Driving Value in Digital Transformation

Driving Value in Digital Transformation

In my previous blog, I discussed how to enable effective digital transformation. By understanding what business values to promote, you establish clear direction for developing digital strategy. The next thing to do is to identify what process changes are needed to deliver that value.

Successful digital transformation is about changing strategy to deliver business value that takes advantage of rapid change and personalization afforded by modern digital technologies. To enable fast response and cycles of innovation to happen, organizations must better make use of Agile application development teams (their Agile engine), develop digital strategies incrementally (avoid analysis paralysis), and make strategic changes swiftly (responsive strategy).

Ride your Agile teams

An Agile engine drives its route with shorter planning cycles and more open collaboration that increases responsiveness to feedback and results. This makes it easy to define what gets built and completely pivot if needed—as customer and market needs change. To enhance your delivery capabilities and see greater value results, you need to create a culture for cross-departmental collaboration in your organization—an Agile engine with parts that all work together seamlessly to deliver the best products possible to the customer. By pairing your business and operational staff with rapid application development teams, you can gain the efficiency and responsiveness needed to more quickly deliver greater value.

Map your digital strategy incrementally

Being first to market is everything in the digital world, but digital transformation is a large endeavor. How can you get to market before you’ve fully defined your strategic plan for delivering greater business value and better product delivery capabilities? Map your digital strategy in segments rather than defining a grand plan that takes a long time to develop. Plan and execute strategic value-based initiatives incrementally, through small, structured projects that, together, impact the overall program. This allows you to get started delivering value faster and more affordably allowing you to get to market quicker while still heading in your strategic direction.

Respond quickly to bumps in the road

The current conditions and assumptions you take into account when you start defining your digital strategy quickly disintegrate once you hit the road with it, so you need to be ready and comfortable to change direction as you find out about what your customers really want and what your market really responds to. The open communication and collaboration culture that’s in your Agile engine needs to extend to your executive teams to allow strategy changes to rapidly provide new direction to the Agile engine. Your engine is going to be revving hot, so be ready to drive it fast!

More Power...

Powering your digital transformation requires technology solutions that enable you to make improvements in the way you deliver technology to meet customers’ needs. In today’s competitive market, customers expect innovative products and services, and they want their applications as soon as possible. In my next blog, learn how the right tools and technologies can enable businesses to rapidly deliver value by better igniting your Agile engine.

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