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The Latest in .Net Core

The Latest in .Net Core

At Small Footprint, we have been using the .NET framework for quite some time now. It's imperative for us to stay ahead of the curve on what's new in the .NET world, so we make it a best practice to compile the latest and greatest on a regular basis. Here's our most recent report.

New release of .NET Core

DotNET imageIn December last year, Microsoft released the newest ASP.Net Core 2.2.0 we won't get into all the details here but you can find out here What's new .Net Core 2.2 or what Scott Hanselman thinks are some of the most useful features.

If you really want to stay ahead of the game and see what the next step is check out the changes coming in .Net Core 3.0

C# 8.0

C+imageC# is rapidly approaching its third decade of life. Originally release in 2000 the language has grown and changed across 7 major versions. The current plan is that C# 8.0 will ship at the same time as .Net Core 3.0. However, the features will start to come alive with the previews of Visual Studio 2019.

A quick overview of the new features can be found here or as a video here.

Async or not?

AsynchimageAsync programming comes with a lot of benefits when used correct, increasing the responsiveness of your application. One of the common pitfalls is blocking current thread until all other tasks have completed execution by using Task.WaitAll. The right way to wait for a task to be completed in an async world is using Task.WhenAll. A short comparison between the two can be found here. There are many await-friendly techniques that should be used instead of the old blocking techniques here.

Vertical Slice Architecture

vertical slice imageDid it ever happen to you that changing a line of code in one place caused a domino effect in other parts of the project you didn't even think of. Vertical slicing tries to solve this by making it easier to add a feature and isolating it from the rest of the project, this gives you a lot of flexibility in how you implement the feature. You can find a short presentation here and a sample project here.



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