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Value-Driven Transformation

Value-Driven Transformation

Today’s business conditions are changing faster than ever before. In this fast-paced market, businesses need to be quicker and more adaptive, and many business leaders have heard that Agile teams are the answer. But how does this affect your market strategy? Organizations must learn not only to become good Agile practitioners, but also how to create a responsive strategy and instill Agile values throughout their organization.

From small firms to larger companies, Agile practices are the engine for developing software. But it does not stop there. Just as Agile development practices help promote innovation and facilitate faster, more effective software products, strategic business decisions need to keep pace. However, many companies struggle to implement an Agile transformation across their whole organization. There often exists a disconnect between business strategy and software development. Value-Driven Transformation is about how to bridge that gap.

The Value-Driven Transformation model incrementally introduces the concepts and practices necessary to become an Agile enterprise. The largest conceptual change is the switch from running a cost driven organization to a value-driven organization. Cost is one-dimensional, while value is multidimensional. The first step is asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What does your organization value?
  2. How do you deliver value to your customers?
  3. What do we need in order to create that value?

Once you have a better understanding of what value means to your organization, you can organize Agile teams around those parts of your business that are most likely to create valuable outcomes. These Agile teams should incorporate not only the Agile engine that drives fast moving development of your software products, but also a streamlined process by which business strategy is iteratively developed.

Business leaders will have to focus on responsiveness instead of efficiency and realize that strategy is a way for your business to realize value. Business strategy shouldn’t be developed annually or semi-annually. Instead, strategy should be viewed as a continuous process so you are always building the right thing at the right time. Supplementing long-term planning for shorter planning cycles allows you to adjust your plan in real-time, thus lowering business risks in a fast-paced market.

Many companies operate with a mix of Agile and traditional team structures. Even if the whole organization does not function in Agile teams, leadership should still instill Agile values throughout the organization. This does not necessarily mean that companies should adopt large scale Agile frameworks like SAFe. It means that companies should adopt an agile mentality in order to realize value.

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