Meet the leadership team

  • Richard Starets

    CEO and Founder

    Richard founded Small Footprint after spending 15 exciting years in post-communist era Central Europe. Living in Budapest, he learned Hungarian and taught English until seizing opportunities in telecommunications where he managed international business and extended new telecom networks and internet services into Central & Eastern Europe. During the dotcom boom he pursued his lifelong passion for building something from the ground up, heading up product development for two tech startups and pursuing an MBA. With communication as a life theme, Richard envisioned Small Footprint’s purpose to be about inspiring the collaboration, teamwork and technical excellence for creating bold new digital businesses. Today he enjoys helping partner clients with transformational change, cooking Hungarian cuisine and perfecting wine pairings.

  • Patrick Turner

    CTO & Principal

    Patrick Turner doesn't like technology; he loves it. He discovered this passion at the age of ten on a trip to a local Radio Shack with his brother. Since then, Patrick has turned his love of technology into a thriving career, amassing over 20 years of experience producing software solutions for a broad range of business needs. Technical skills aside, he’s also known for being one who does the right things for the right reasons, even if it’s not the easiest. But this approach has led to the translation of business needs into viable software solutions. In layman’s terms, he’s a problem solver who’s not afraid to provide the right solution while showing the work it took to get there.

    Outside of the Small Footprint office, you can find Patrick somewhere in nature. As an avid outdoorsman, he enjoys skiing and camping whenever he gets the chance. By his side, or by his own admission normally out in front, you'll find his wife Alison and their two children, William and Fiona. Patrick is a man of the world, believes in taking care of others and knows technology can reshape the boundaries of the previously unexplored.

  • Rob Robless

    VP Global Practices & Strategy

    Rob joined Small Footprint as an Engagement Manager and Senior Consultant in January 2010 and now serves as VP of Global Practices & Strategy.

    He has over 25 years of experience in technology leadership positions at start-ups and major corporations. He has held a number of executive positions (C-level, VP, and Director) in Application Development and Enterprise Architecture directing small and large professional teams at companies such as GMAC Financial Services, United Airlines, Comdisco, and SHLSystemhouse (EDS). He has significant experience in building large scale enterprise solutions and eBusiness systems.

  • Imre Mikó

    Managing Director

    Imre has been managing software development operations since 2001, and has been instrumental in building Small Footprint's Development Center in Cluj from the ground-up. With both technology and business acumen, Imre received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Polytechnic University of Cluj in Economical Engineering. In his role as Offshore Operations Director, Imre ensures smooth operations and growth of the Development Center, managing recruitment and retention, ensuring maximum productivity and employee satisfaction, and closely monitoring corporate security as well as the bottom line. Before Small Footprint, Imre was Managing Director of Arcabel Software, a German-owned software development company.

    In his free time and especially when the weather is nice, Imre loves to ride his motorcycle, a Yamaha TT600. He also enjoys spending time with his wife -- a kindergarten principal -- and his three children.

  • Alina Chiorean

    Delivery Manager

    Alina joined Small Footprint as Delivery Manager in June 2015. She has 10 years of experience in team management, most recently as a Development Manager at Betfair, and before that she worked as a QA Manager and Support Manager. Alina is focused on ensuring excellence, consistency and standardization in execution across Small Footprint development teams. She works with Team Managers to improve their skills as people managers and help them manage their projects and teams. She also fosters career development for all engineering staff. Alina received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj, and after that she was a Computer Science high-school teacher for two years.

    In her free time she likes to do hill hiking and started to play tennis during the summer. Her favorite time of year, however, is the winter when she spends all her weekends and winter vacation skiing.