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Ready to Supercharge Your Software Engineering Capabilities?

How Partnering with a Software Development Firm Helps You Meet Demand


To meet the demand for custom software from business departments, an increasing number of IT organizations are developing parallel or "bimodal" IT capabilities, using agile software development and adaptive sourcing.

Supercharge your Software Engineering Capabilities eBook

Developing working relationships with external software development firms is an important step in minimizing the risks of shadow IT and finding new ways to meet demand.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with an agile software development firm, download our free eBook, Supercharge Your Software Engineering Capabilities: Teaming With a Software Development Firm.

In this informational guide, you'll learn about the: 

  • Benefits of partnering with an agile software development firm
  • Projects you should (and should not) hand off to a partner firm
  • Success factors for agile software development

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Ready to partner with an expert in custom software development? Learn about our fast, cost-effective approach to creating world-class software solutions.
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