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What is User Experience?

User experience or UX design is about imagining an ideal world in which the needs of end users are magically met at the click of a button (or some other means). This experience is best achieved when the UX and technical teams enlist the expertise of end users to bridge the gap between the fantastical and the feasible.




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UX Blog Posts

  • Software development or user experience design: what do you really need?

    Creating great custom software requires both software development and user experience design experts. Understanding the relationship between them is important when you’re bringing in a partner to help you with a software project... Read More

  • Turning user interviews into actionable product requirements

    Earlier, we discussed best practices for engaging users and making them feel part of the design team. Our next step is to organize the data collected from user interviews in such a way as to enable the creation of user stories, complete with user acceptance criteria... Read More

  • Can you design User Experience?

    Can’t design experiences? Experience as reactions only? Is he implying that the end-user take away is completely outside of UX developers' sphere of influence? Anyway, I liked the quote enough to copy it into the Google doc where I store these things for later consideration or use (with credit to the source of course)... Read More

  • People are at the heart of projects

    Ward Andrews, a successful UX strategist and my pick for blog author of the month, has discovered that many functional products are often heavily influenced by internal preferences and politics when they should be designed based on user needs... Read More

  • Qualitative user research: Fast

    Don’t think you have the time, money, or people to conduct user research? Although most people will agree doing user research is ideal, some say that it isn’t practical or necessary when short on time and budget. Here at Small Footprint we think this mentality is based on the false idea that user research has to be time-consuming and expensive... Read More

  • Capsure: The evolution of an app

    CapSure is designed as a plug-in for the Zoom online meeting app. While users view and interact with content in the Zoom meeting (such as a software demo), capSure adds the ability for observers to take a screenshot and then add comments within a few clicks either while the meeting is happening or immediately after the meeting... Read More

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