What we do

Transform, Create, Innovate, Collaborate


When you engage with Small Footprint, we become your partner. Our teams collaborate with yours to create innovative software that will transform your business.


transform your software
development capabilities

Today’s dynamic business environment
demands that your business be agile.

First, we bring our Agile Playbook with clearly defined processes and procedures. Our participatory teaching methods are proven to deliver up to 90% learning retention rates. Our collaborative development approach has effectively transitioned customer teams to Agile practices in weeks, not months.

The final component of your Agile Transformation is our DevOps Boost toolkit which expedites development of impactful products and your team’s success.

create a compelling
customer experience

The quickest way to a broader customer base
is through new digital touchpoints.

Customer experience is critical to your success. Whether you sell to businesses or direct to consumers, your application is now the way you personally connect with your customers. We build intuitive web portals and mobile applications that make it easy to do business with you.

case study:


Improving Customer Engagement through a Mobile Payment Application

USConnect® offers healthy alternatives in a ‘fast food’ atmosphere. They wanted to further differentiate themselves and grow market share by offering a unique, compelling customer experience.

Bring Your innovative
ideas to life


You have a vision for a next generation of your legacy system or an innovative new product. You have a passion for your customers and your product. Your financial investment, not to mention your reputation, is on the line.

We understand. We understand your excitement and your risk. We understand what it takes to build and launch a successful software product. We bring Consultative Support, Product Management, UX Design, and Engineering Experts to help you build your product and make your vision a reality.

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